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The Provenance Marketing Show explores what products New Zealand businesses are making and how they create a market origin advantage.We review their products and provenance marketing tactics on the show.Also available on YouTube: http://bit.ly/provenancemarketingshow

Recent Episodes

What makes farmers look good to kids? What reduces head injury potential playing extreme watersports? January 04, 2020 Episode artwork What do you eat when walking over 60km in the bush? What does the NZ Made merch look like?January 03, 2020 Episode artwork New Series: How do you bling up you pet? Why are imported crayons potentially dangerous?December 31, 2019 Episode artwork Who makes luxury NZ Made blankets? What is a luxury skincare protocol?December 30, 2019 Episode artwork What is the most pure chocolate you can get? What does a manuka lollipop taste like? December 29, 2019 Episode artwork How do you slice your cheese? What are knucklebones? What replaces single use plastic soap bottles?December 28, 2019 Episode artwork What does Kiwiana 2.0 look like? What does 100% NZ Beef jerky taste like?December 27, 2019 Episode artwork Can plastic shampoo bottles be replaced? How are NZ Made businesses welcomed aboard?December 26, 2019 Episode artwork What will reduce accidents on building sites? Who makes children's books about native birds?December 24, 2019 Episode artwork Who loves NZ dogfood... what software do District Health Boards rely on?December 19, 2019 Episode artwork What replaces plastic food wrap? Who makes clothes for tweens?December 17, 2019 Episode artwork How do you make toast on a boat? What do pro motorbike riders use to clean their wheels? December 17, 2019 Episode artwork EP22 Mānuka honey, classic Kiwi confectionery and tie-downs for transporting safe loadsOctober 03, 2019 Episode artwork EP21 Contrarian advertising, wool acoustic panels, eliminating RSI and making DIY paint jobs go further. October 01, 2019 Episode artwork EP20 Hemp products, the AM Show and Paua WorldSeptember 26, 2019 Episode artwork EP19 The Power of Nostalgia and Music in MarketingSeptember 24, 2019 Episode artwork EP18 Iconic NZ Made snacksSeptember 19, 2019 Episode artwork EP16 NZ Made herbal and health productsSeptember 18, 2019 Episode artwork EP17 A new infant formula and NZ Made shampoo and conditioner. September 18, 2019 Episode artwork EP15 Merino socks, reusable tote bags and a new children's bookJuly 31, 2019 Episode artwork EP14 Pets and pet food *Special Episode*July 31, 2019 Episode artwork EP13 USA Business Visas, Natural Deodorants, Possum Fur Souvenirs, Hearty Winter SoupsJune 18, 2019 Episode artwork EP12 Double feature on outdoor gear for tradies, adventurers and corporate uniformsMay 30, 2019 Episode artwork EP11 Sparkling Flavoured Water Without Sugar, Epic NZ Made Music and 100% Kiwi Business available as audiobook May 23, 2019 Episode artwork EP10 Goats milk soap, industrial strength shoe deodoriser and soaps for NZ hospitality at scaleMay 21, 2019 Episode artwork